Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sunday 14th June


3.45 awakened by Millway who had got a stiff neck lying up against some boxes. I told him to call Jack and he got in his bed. Jack called me about 5.30 so I got up, made fire up and put the saucepan on for tea. I had a few shots at rabbits then at 6.340 called Godfey who made a cup of tea and did the breakfast, egg on fried bread. I had another nap and then had a walk round. 10.45, the sun is shining lovely. What would I give to be home again and packing up our dinner to go down to Shingle Street and sit by the sea with the line out and bask in the sun. I had a shave and wash then put the chops in the pan ready for dinner. We had a cup of tea waiting then had dinner. It was very nice. We were relieved and I got ready to go out. Cycled over to Rodwell and Doris and Lyn met me. We walked back and I did some digging out the celery trench. Watered tomatoes and then went indoors. I got a book to read and Doris did a jig saw puzzle. Mr Smeaton was at home guard firing party. Mrs Smeaton came home from Newbury. We had supper, then I got ready to go out again. We walked up the drive. it was very cold and it felt like another frost. made bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and cooked the breakfast. Cleared up, did potatoes, made beds etc. then wrote to Mother and to Mrs Lucock. Cleared up after dinner then got myself and Lyn ready and  went to meet Bill, did so about 3.10. Sat down for a little while in the kitchen then went up the garden. Bill dug the celery trench while I knitted Harold's socks. Got tea and we had it plus Mr S cleared up etc. Put Lyn to bed but she went to sleep before she had a story. Bill finished the trench while I knitted, then he read, and helped me too with a jig saw. Supper on our own, up to the top and now bed 10.50 pm so Good Night.

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