Friday, 8 June 2012

Monday 8th June


Up at 7.05 and dressed. had breakfast, sausage, porridge and on parade. Went and got all pickets lying about and I volunteered for a job which was helping to clean the dining hall up, then bought my 35 fags. Sold the last ten of last week's. Told I was on eleven post, then I got ready for dinner which was pie and greens, potatoes and rice pudding. Rang Doris up. I told her I should be seeing her tomorrow. I packed up bag and on parade. They started 7 post again. Found I was on Two A and had to get my ** **. LAC Parmenter in charge, called rations and then on post. orderly WO came just as we got there. Lazed out in the sun and had tea then read books and generally messed around. I copied some Gen out then watched out for Orderly Officer. He came and then we got down to bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. No letters. Didn't put Lyn to bed after dinner. Did some washing and hung it out then sewed or rather unpicked a frock of Ivy's for me til tea time. Lyn slept in the hammock til 4.30. Got tea, took Lyn and Kala for the usual walk and played imaginary balls. Tea, washed up, cleared up etc, then did all my ironing, put Lyn to bed then wrote to Mrs Thrower and Hilda. Bill rang up dinner time but not this evening, I don't know why. Much cooler today, quite cold. Missed Bill badly today, he's on in the camp. 9.57 pm now and so to bed to read. G. Night.

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