Monday, 11 June 2012

Thursday 11th June


Up at 7 and cleaned up. It was very cold during the night and needed all the clothes on. Had sausage and bacon for breakfast. On parade, then marched down to parade ground, then three of us told to go round and collect up all paper in huts as there was a Group Captain coming round to look at salvage. We cleaned up round the rubbish heap til dinner time. The others went on a full pack drill and route march. Had dinner, stew and prunes, custard. I rang up Doris and told her I was coming over. After then, I finished off a house for Lyn. Went digging after dinner. Had tea. Then cycled over to Rodwell. Met Doris. We went to see the goat but it wasn't out so we looked in Rodwell pond to see if the ducks were there. They were gone. I saw Mr and Mrs Garton. They took Jill back with them. I did the separating and dug a trench for the celery. Lyn was asleep so she did not get her story. She was pleased with her house. Helped Doris with a jig saw puzzle and read a book. Had supper and cycled back. The dance was in full swing.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Letter from Mother but no special news. Bill rang up that he was comning tea time. Did a bit of washing this am. Hung it out after dinner. Finished 2.30, wrote to Alma and home then did my ironing. Got tea, dressed Lyn and we went and met Bill. had tea, Grannie and Barkie and Jill went off. Cleared up etc, put Lyn to bed, stayed up there a while; went up the garden a little while then read 'Farmer's Weekly' in the chair together. Up to the top and now to bed 10.55 pm so G. Night.

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