Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Saturday 6th June


Up at 7.20, had breakfast, porridge and sausages. On parade then Tommy gun shooting on range, then digging till past twelve. Packed up, had dinner, stew, prunes, custard. Got my pass and then dressed and cycled over to Rodwell. Went down to woods with a book and sat under a shady tree. Mr Smeaton was hoeing swedes and we stayed there till tea time, then had tea and out in the garden. We went in the car to Clevancy with Mr Smeaton, saw a goat and kid. Sat indoors and under the trees and then supper. Took Kala out for a walk, then came back and went to bed.


Rodwell. Up usal time and all usual jobs. A very hot day. Letter from Mother but no news. Kept Lyn up all day. Bill came 2.15!!! to stay the night. We went down the fields and sat under a tree. Lyn found a caterpillar and played with it. Came back and Lyn stayed about in her birthday suit then Bridget bathed and dressed her. After tea, cleared up etc then put Lyn to bed plus story. Then sat in the garden and read, Bill in a deck chair, me in the hammock. Jess found a big hedgehog, I watched it walk away. Up to the top with Kala, oh the joy to have Bill come back with me. 10.45 and now to bed together. G. Night. Went to Clevancy with Mr S pm by car, saw a goat and a kid.

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