Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Friday 26th June


Up about eight, had breakfast and we got ready for the journey to Great Hallingbury, Essex. We caught a coach at Williams Bros. Doris, Lyn, Dad, Mum, and it was a nice journey to Hertford. We got on a bus there and went to Stortford, then got a taxi out to Wood View. We had a look at the house and field. It wasn't a bad house, could be made nice, the garden was over grown and the field was also in a bad state. The oats were choked up with weeds of all kinds and growth was patchy. We had a look round the boundary then ** over ** dinner, then had the taxi back to Stortford. Had a grapefruit drink there. Caught the coach to Hertford and then to Barnet. We had a nice tea waiting for us.


Barnet. Up just after 8.00 am. Caught the 9.38 bus to Hertford, there to B. Stortford, then taxi to Wood View, Great Hallingbury. Bill and I liked the place very much, it's a typically 'small holding' house. Had a picnic dinner in the 'garden'. Left at 2.15 and got home here about 5.30 and had a lovely tea. Rosie, Anne, Jean were here. Lyn was pretty good all day and not sick. Mum and Dad came too. Spent all the evening talking about the place. Bill and Dad played draughts. Tried to instill faith in goats into Dad. Went to bed about 10.30, tired after a nice but very hot day.

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