Sunday, 17 June 2012

Wednesday 17th June


Up at 7 am and shaved, cleaned up then went to breakfast. Gad egg on fried bread, porridge, then on parade and square bashing. Of course Prickard had to mention one or two things to me. We marched down to the village and had a rest, then came back 8 am. On 11 post today. We had Tommy gun lecture and after break, sighting on moving targets. The gun crew then had to get the guns from the armoury and clean them. We took them on the post and brought the others back, then we went to dinner. I had roast beef, roast potatoes, greens, then prunes and custard. I rang Doris up and told her I should see her about half past two, then on parade. Dismissed to the guard hut and I got a piece of perspex to make a goat with for Doris. Then I had a game of darts with Bill Gradys. he won, then we played in teams. I won a tanner then lost it. Started on a model goat for Doris. Went to supper, had pies and cheese then rang Doris up. Went on guard 19.30. Made my model on the post. Came off 22.30, had a cup of cocoa and booked the lads in.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. No letters. Bill rang up dinner tiome, he's on 11 so will be here 2.30 tomorrow. Finished about 2.30 and did a large packet of washing, hung it out. Lyn played about as I didn't put her to bed. Got tea, took Lyn and Kala the usual walk. Tea, put Lyn straight to bed and she went straight to sleep. Washed up, cleared up, did all my ironing. Bill rang up, he is making something for me, I don't know what. Wrote to Mother. Altered a petticoat, tried frocks on and now bed 10.17 pm so Good Night.

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