Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Saturday 13th June


Up at 7, went to breakfast, egg and bacon. Said goodbye to Jack Canning. Went to Hull with Hamilton and Turner. On parade, went down the village and then on the range, firing Tommy gun from the hips, then put some greens out and went to dinner. had stew and rhubarb and custard. Rang up Doris and told her I was on, also had a letter from Mother. She said Clifford Downy had been killed in action ** air gunner. On Two A with **, Godfey and Smith. I drew gold ** in ** sweep. Watling Street won it. Godfrey sold it for a bob to ***. We drew rations and took blankets up. Made a cup of teas and potted at rabbits with my catapult. Orderly Officer came up about 4 o'clock. I sat on the bank and read magazines. I had toast and melted cheese for tea then Godfrey went down for some fat to fry the fish in. he brought back a box full so I cut the fish into joints and filleted it then fried iut. It was very nice but would have been better dropped in some batter. i did not feel like eating after frying it so gave my share away. I then put salt and water in pan to get the fishy smell out ot it.I waited in pit till Orderly Officer came and I was on at 4.


Rodwell. Nice comfortable day. Did usual necessary jobs, got the dinner, casserole rabbit (Mr S 2nd helping!) then made the butter. Lyn made a tiny bit too. After dinner, made up the butter (it cam in 10 mins) then cut out a pair of cami-knickers. Got tea and we had it, cleared up etc. Cut Lyn's hair, bathed her and put her to bed. Sat in the kitchen with my cami-knickers, did quite a bit and very pleased with them, so far. Bill rang up dinner tiome, he's on 2A, will be here tomorrow I hope. Bath, now 10.36 bed. G. Night.

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