Sunday, 24 June 2012

Wednesday 24th June


Up about 8 o'clock. Had breakfast and went into the workshop and then went down to the market with Dad. We watched the cattle coming in but saw no goats. We went home to lunch and I thought it would be nice to see them sold so I asked Dad to go down again. We saw a nice horse fetch 26 guineas and a ** 8 trap fetch 33 guineas, quarter grown pullets fetched 6/- and hens and pullets 15/6. then went back home. Called for some cats meat but could not get any. We had a game of draughts, he also showed me the tools that he had bought for the holding. We had tea and went down the fields and played ball with Lyn and **, then strolled back round by the allotments, then played draughts and read books.


Barnet. Up at 8.15 am, awake at 7.00. Lyn went into Ivy. Helped Mother chiefly this morning, and talked and talked. Bill and Dad went to the market from 11 to 1, then after dinner again  from 2 to 3.30!! Read while they were gone, then talked all the afternoon (Bill snoozed) so much that I got a headache. After tea, collected Rose and Anne and went and sat down the fields - very nice. Back by 8.30, Ivy bathed Lyn and got her ready for bed 9.10. I read, Bill and Dad played draughts. To bed now I hope 10.40, I'm tired. G. Night.

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