Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Saturday 20th June


Up at 7, had breakfast, porridge, bacon, sausage, then on parade. Went over to the big range. Marched round by the road, it was sweltering hot. Then had five shots snap shooting. Got four hits at 200 yds and then fired the Vickers. Packed up at 20 to twelve. Marched back over the fields. Had dinner, stew and pudding. I rang Doris up and told her I should be over at 2 or 5 and said I would go with her to fetch the chicken. Prickard came in and asked me to mark out the bay for the Hillman, so I got some paint and brush and got Duffy to help me. It was 20 to four when I finished so I cycled over to Rodwell. Doris wasn't very pleased because I did not go to fetch the hen. She biked over and Lyn howled so we had tea and went to meet her. She was very pleased with her kid. She had a skin and I plucked the hen and helped her with the kid skin then biked back. Had a bath and got in to bed. Haggerty had made it for me.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Letter from Mother but no special news. Finished about 2.30, Lyn asleep, so did my cami-knickers til 4.15. Got Lyn up, got tea and met Bill in the field 5.15. Talk etc. Bill gave me a little kid jumping - a dear. Talked til nearly six then I cycled alone to *** to fetch our hen to take with us. Bill and Lyn met me top of the drive. Bill did the hen, while I washed up, cleared up and put Lyn to bed, cuddle only, then did my kid skin. Supper, Bill cut my hair, stayed up there a while, up to the top and now to bed 11.15 pm so G. Night.

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