Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Saturday 27th June


Awake at 8, had breakfast in bed and talked of plans about the holding. Rubbed the skin to get it soft. Went down the town to see if I could get a book. Had another go at the skin. Played draughts, had a walk over the fields and a lie down on the grass. Ivy and Jean went to a PT display. Read all about  fruit. Played draughts and won about 5 games.


Barnet. Up about 8.30. Ivy and Jean took Lyn to Miss Farm's to have her coat altered, but Lyn was a bit troublesome! I messed about all the morning, talking chiefly with dad and Bill about the place. Read all the afternoon on the settee, took things very easily, nice afternoon. After tea, Mum, Dad, Bill and I went down the fields, we called for Anne but she had a bad cold so we went down without her, laid on the grass, Lyn was very good girl and sat on Mother's lap. We had breakfast in bed this morning - liver, porridge etc. Bed about 11.15.

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