Saturday, 16 June 2012

Tuesday 16th June


Up at 7, put things ready to go out, had breakfast, cornflakes and bacon, beans. On parade and a march down to the village, then battle dress parade and maneuvers and cover from *** then went to dinner. had mutton, mint sauce, cabbage, potatoes, bread pudding, custard. Rang Doris up and told her I would be over and to tea. I went digging all the afternoon til four o'clock, then I went over for a cup of tea. it was fish cake and jam. I got dressed and cycled over to Rodwell. Doris met me and Lyn in the push chair. Lyn had her duck. We walked back to tea. After tea, put Lyn to bed and I read her a story, then while Doris washed up I went up the garden and started to finish off the celery trench. Mr Smeaton came up and put the manure in then I planted out the celery. I finished  off the green house and went down, washed my boots and got a book to read called Animals I have Known. After then I had supper and got ready to cycle back. Mrs Smeaton had been to the funeral.


Up usual time and all usual jobs. Letter from Mother but all about Alma's wedding. Bill rang up dinner time. Leave on 23rd - Barnet I expect. Finished by 2.00 pm, sat upstairs and sewed til 3.45 and Lyn played. Then Lyn went in the garden while I read and got tea. Went and met Bill plus Lyn at 5.15, tea, put Lyn to bed at once afterwards, stayed up there a while; I washed up and cleared up while Bill put celery plants in, then sewed in the armchair and Bill read. Up to the top, read a chapter of my book and now to bed 11.00pm so Good Night.

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