Thursday, 21 June 2012

Monday 22nd June


Had a lie down about 2 am. Had egg and bacon for breakfast. Cleared away some rubbish and watched the girls laying out the flax on the race course. Had a nice layout in the sun and ** had a wash and shave and cooked dinner of *** as Duffy said. We washed up and were relieved. I changed and cycled down to the office. Drew my warrant and pass, then went over to pay accounts and drew £3.10.0. I forgot to take my respirator so had to go all the way back again for it. Went down to Calne station, changed my warrant and cycled over to Rodwell. Doris had been busy getting ready. She had a letter from Hilda. I went on the hay stack while Doris phoned up Dad. It was very hot. I worked till about half past nine, then watered greenhouse. Had supper and cycled back. Had to mend a puncture so took the wheel off and did it in the guard room.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs but chiefly my own bedroom, really tidy up. Finished about 2.40, finished my petticoat, and shortening a frock for Lyun. Did some washing, ironed it, got tea, and then at 5.00 pm Bill came. He'd been to Calne to cash his warrant etc. Talked, tea, cleared up, washed up while Bill did a puncture. Rang Dad, Harold will meet us tomorrow. D.V. Read all the evening while Bill helped with the haymaking. Supper on our own, up yo the top and talk at the gate, and to bed 10.50, excited. G. Night.

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