Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sunday 7th June


Up at 8.30 after a good sleep. Had a nice breakfast, porridge with cream and two ducks eggs and bacon, then washed up, peeled potatoes and then got ready to go for a walk. We sat in the sun till half past twelve and came back to dinner. We had a nice joint of beef, cauliflower and blackberry tart, blancmange and jam. After dinner I tied tomatoes. Mr Smeaton's team won the cup for *** against RAFR army ***. We sat under the trees. Doris in the hammock and then had tea and washed up. I put Lyn to bed then oiled bike, did Kala's ears and then found a warm spot in the garden as the wind had turned to the North. Then helped Doris with a jig saw puzzle. Had supper and cycled back after a nice weekend. LAC Ford caught me up.


Rodwell. Up about 8.20 all together. Bill washed Lyn. Did all the Sunday jobs together, then got ready and went for a walk. Sat down in the sun out of the wind, Lyn played with a ladybird. Home to dinner. Cleared up by 2.15, tied all the tomatoes up plus Lyn then sat in the garden. I wrote home and Bill read. Lyn played with the children til bed time. Cleared up after tea, put Lyn to bed plus story, then sat in the garden and read and snoozed til 8.30. Then half did a jig-saw together in the drawing room. Up to the top, I feel very lonely now 10.55 and to bed. G. Night.

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