Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sunday 28th June


Up about 9.30 and read the papers. Did some work in skin softening. Went in to the greenhouse with Dad and looked at the grapes. They are about the size of peas, and then got on the shelter roof and looked at the pears and also the nectarines. There is plenty of them. I felt full up after dinner so we sat and read about fruit. Went for a walk down the fields with Dad, Mum, Doris, Lyn. Harold and Rose, Anne were down there. Harold had a stye.


Barnet. Up about 9.30. Did a big packet of washing all the morning. Bill messed about outside with Dad. Very full up after dinner so Bill and I shared the settee and read all the afternoon. After tea we, Mum, Dad and Lyn went down the fields, met Rosie, harold and Anne down there. Sat and talked etc. Ivy and Jean came and joined us. Lyn threw a camp stool at Harold, burst an awful stye he had and hurt his face. Home about 8.30. Put Lyn to bed and read. Bill and dad played draughts. Very tired so went to bed about 10 mins before Bill - 10.45 pm.

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