Friday, 29 June 2012

Monday 29th June


Up about 8, had breakfast, then rubbed some oatmeal in the skin. I went over to see G. Dyer with Doris at Potters Bar and found he wasn't in the garden. We saw someone cutting grass but could not be sure of him. We walked round the outskirts of the place and back again. We saw his cows, one of them very chased by flies. We saw a young lad coming in the field so Doris asked him and told us he was in the next field with a rake so we went in with him. We saw Dyer and he was pleased to see us. We thought the rake looked very nice. We told him about the farm. He said it was worth taking. said goodbye and walked back. it was very hot. I was  glad to get back. Ethel came and Rose, Anne, Nettie. We had tea and Mrs Brown, Hilda and Elizabeth came. Had supper and Harold and Rose went.


Barnet. Up about 8.15 and after breakfast walked to Potters Bar (didn't take Lyn). We eventually found Dyer on a hay rake in a field. He was so very pleased to see us, but we didn't have long with him. Home 2.45, had our dinner. Ethel and Lawrence arrived, then Rose and Anne. Tea time, Nettie came with Ivy and Lyn loved Nettie. Later in the evening when the others had gone, Hilda, Mrs B and Liza came and stayed talking til 10.30, very nice really. Last night, oh dear, tomorrow I shall be at Rodwell, how I hate it. 11.15 and so to bed; I shall miss Bill.

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