Thursday, 9 February 2012

Monday 9th February


Got up about ten to seven, had a shave, cold water turned, pump broken. Had breakfast, bacon and sausage. I did not enjoy it but the porridge wasn't too bad. Started work on huts. Made a few, also a wireless mast. Watched demonstration by our lads assault course to show ***, then had dinner. Beans ** and spuds, ground rice.Had a ginger beer and rang up Kidlet. She still had her cold, but Lyn was alright,but naughty. Went over to hut and had a warm. After dinner, started work again. Made some more models of tanks, they were ok. I worked till it was too dark, then cut my finger. Had knife and chisels *** in the hanger. Went to tea, had meat, tinned and cream and jam sandwich.Came back to hut, had a smoke and a yarn, and then put tools away and went to supper. Had Welsh Rarebit, then came back to hut, wrote up some of this diary and sat by fire.The hut is being used as a guard hut. Two LAC posted here from *** and I am going over to get a drink. No water in taps. Rang up Doris and she still had a slight cold. Lyn was alright but naughty. Came back and got book to read, then made ready to get in bed. Had a read and then got down for a sleep. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time and usual day. Lyn very mischievous today - that is quite well. Did a bit of Lyn's blanket this afternoon, then got Philip and Lyn up and did some of my sock till tea time. Got Lyn to bed by 6.45 and few nursery rhymes, then finished her blanket. Darned 2 pairs of my socks, then did some more sock. Bill rang up at dinner time, quite OK and he rang up again this evening and we had a nice little chat. I've got a beastly cold and so am going to  try Sir Charlie's cure, hope it will be successful. Bed now 10.30 pm.

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