Saturday, 4 February 2012

Wednesday 4th February


Got up at 7 am, dressed and cleaned up, then went to breakfast. Boiled cod and porridge. Toasted some bread then on parade. Got praised for clean rifle, then detailed to report to LAC Hamilton. I sent men round to get working and booked it. Took washing and exchanges over to Yatesbury in ***. Had dinner, took boats over and tried to get exchange but no voucher so had to leave it as Waaf parade on. Came back and went to tea. Had beans on toast, cake and currant bread. Got changed and cycled over to Hillmarton. Rang up Doris at 1 o'clock. Saw Squ Ld Fish about remustering. He said he would put it through. Went out with Mr Smeaton to see if we could shoot some ducks but they were not there. Read to Lyn and then read papers and Kidlet read to me out of Mum's letter. She had been queer. Sat and read book, then had supper, cycled back to camp. It was very cold. Got back 11.10, cleaned up for morning. Got in bed. God night.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Mrs Slade here again so finished by 2.00 pm. Knitted at my sock, got Philip (Mrs S out) and Lyn up (Lyn hadn't been asleep) and they played ever so well together all the afternoon. Jill upset Lyn as soon as she came in as per. Bill rang up dinner time and arrived unexpectedly at 6 pm. It was so nice to see him. We put Lyn to bed and Bill read 3 Bears then sat round the fire. Bill saw Fish today and he signed Bill's remustering and sent it through. Knitted all the evening and talked. Went to top gate, now 10.45 - bed.

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