Thursday, 23 February 2012

Monday 23rd February


Up about 7 am then breakfast, sausage and bacon. Then back to work. made some Vickers guns and Levis. Had a cup of cocoa. it was very cold and freezing. Went to dinner, had meat, swedes and potatoes, and stewed figs. Carried on with some more work. Got cleaned up, went over and had a cup of tea then biked over to Rodwell. met Doris and Lyn. It was very cold out. Several army lorries about. had tea then put Lyn to bed. Read her a story and then went down stairs to  write to Mother. It took me nearly all the evening. The had a short rest and a warm. Had supper and biked home. Doris warmed up my battery. Kelly was sitting by the fire. I got in bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished about half past two, got Lyn up about three as she wasn't asleep. Did a little knitting. Mrs S went to Calne and took Philip so I did all her washing. Got tea and took Lyn to meet Bill. Lots of soldiers in Compton Bassett. Lyn was thrilled. Put Lyn to bed and Bill 'acted' nursery rhymes for her. I knitted all the evening and Bill wrote to Mrs Lucock. Supper and went up to the top gate with Bill. Came back and ironed my blue frock and Lyn's sleeping suit and talked to Mrs S. Bed now 11.15 pm.

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