Friday, 17 February 2012

Tuesday 17th February


Got up about 7 then had breakfast, bacon and fried bread. Started work on models, painted a few on and made a house. Had dinner, *** and currant pudding. In afternoon took  remustering papers to get signed, went to MO after dinner and waited all the afternoon for MO. he came about 5. It was half past when we got examined. We were alright. I did not stop over there for tea but straight back to camp and got one of the lads to make me a piece of toast while I changed. I was soon on the road and arrived about 20 past seven. Lyn was just going to bed so I read her a story and gave her a sweet, then went down and had some tea. I took some little houses to show Doris, she was pleased with them. Had a read by the fire. It was freezing outside, cold bitter wind that went right through one. Had supper and back to camp. Kelly was sitting by fire. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Lyn ok but mischevious. Finished 2..30, knitted till 3, then had a bath, got Lyn up, then Philip, Knitted a little while, weighed some dog biscuit for Kala, got tea and got Lyn and me ready, and we went to meet Bill as soon as Mrs S came in. Stayed out till six but no luck. Had tea, washed up and put Lyn to bed and then Bill came. He'd passed medical for remuster. He rang up dinner time too. Read little to Lyn. Sat round fire together. I got him some tea on a tray and we had coffee. Read with him all the evening in his parlour. Went up to the top with him, bed now 10.50 pm. Tired.

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