Sunday, 26 February 2012

Thursday 26th February


Got up about 7, shaved and went to breakfast. It eas fish so I declined. Ate my porridge and took bread back to hut and made some toast. Started work, painted up some houses. They look very nice now. had dinner, meat, swedes and potatoes, also date pudding. Went back to work on models, then went over and had a cup of tea and a piece of Swiss roll. Cycled over to Rodwell and had tea. Put Lyn to bed and read her some nursery rhymes. They met me along the road. Sat by the fire and read till supper time. Doris rang Ivy up and I spoke to her and Mum. Had supper and washed up, then got ready to go back. Got back about eleven ten, sat by fire talking to Kelly, then went to bed. (Ivy's birthday)


Ivy's birthday. Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Lyn quite well again but very defiant. Finished by 2.30, knitted till 3.30 then had a nice hot bath. Got Lyn up and got the tea, then we went to meet Bill. Put Lyn to bed, Bill read to her. sat round the fire, I finished all the knitting part of Lyn's jumper. Bill read. We ranh Ivy up to wish her Many happy returns, and both spoke to Dad, Mum and ivy. it was lovely to hear their voices. Up to the top with Bill, I feel that I disappointed him tonight and I feel very mean and miserable about it. To bed now, tired, 10.30pm.

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