Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sunday 8th February


Got up at ten to eight and hurried over to breakfast. Had a faggot of some mysterious make and coffee, then cleaned up, shaved and cleaned up buttons. Then did some more work, made a few more models after, then had a warm by the fire. Cleaned up my pipe and had a smoke. Went to dinner, had meat, greens, spuds, prunes and custard. Got cycle ready, then cycled over to Hillmarton. Doris came out to the yard very pleased I had come over. We had a rest then got Lyn up and went for a nice long walk. It was lovely and bright. The sun was out all the time. We had quite a long walk and chatted on various subjects. We got back to tea and then put Lyn to bed. We sat by the fire. Doris had a bad cold in the head, poor old kid. She wasn't too comfortable. I read some more of Moonraking and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also I sat and smoked by the fire and felt very comfortable and warm. It was nice to sit in the old chair and rest. We had supper, baked onions, they were lovely. I enjoyed them for a change. I helped to wash up and then got ready to go back.I would not let Kidlet come out with me as her cold was worse. I walked up the drive and put my lights on so that if she looked out of the window she would see me. I got back to the guard room 11.15 and then had a warm by the fire and a smoke. Talked with Kelly on shooting and birds and their habits.Got in to bed and settled down to sleep. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up 8.45 and got Lyn up at the same time. After breakfast, washed up, did potatoes, then wrote to Mother, and did all my ironing. Bill arrived at 2.45 so we went to bed!!! Got up about four with Lyn, laid tea, then went for a long walk up the Bushton Road and got back 5.45. Had tea, put Lyn to bed, she didn't get a story as she disobeyed me when I told her to go into the bedroom. We sat round the fire, got a fiendish cold and was very glad of Bill's parlour. Had roast onions for supper. BIll wouldn't let me go out with me so - to bed - 10.30 pm.

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