Monday, 13 February 2012

Friday 13th February


Got up 7.10, had breakfast of boiled egg and I made some toast. Read about Scharnhorst getting away. I did not feel enthused over the morning news. Started work and finished painting off one batch. Squd L Fish had a look at them and asked if there were enough to start building up. I carried on painting tanks. I had dinner, meat, greens, potatoes and currant pudding and custard. Sat by fire and had a warm, then *** on small models again, painting till 4 o'clock, then got ready to go out. Also bought my soap ration. Cycled over to Hillmarton and met Doris and Lyn. They were very pleased and Lyn had a big hug for me. We walked slowly back. Doris had a letter from Mother saying they would be pleased to have the goat. We had tea and then put Lyn to bed. Mr Smeaton had been threshing. Lyn accepted no story as she had been naughty. She had a lovely colour. I sat by fire and finished Moonraking. Enjoyed it very much. Then had supper and Doris walked up to the gate with me and I hope to see her tomorrow. I got in about quarter past eleven. Good night.


Up usual time and all usual jobs. Threshing tackle came today so Lyn very busy watching. Dinner fairly early and all cleared up before two. Did my washing this afternoon. Got Philip up and then Lyn. Got the tea all ready and ourselves dressed and as soon as Mrs S came back, took Lyn and Kala to meet Bill. Put Lyn to bed, no story as she was naughty when I put her to be after dinner. Sat round the fire with Bill. Knitted, finished my sock and Bill read. Went up to the top gate with him. Nice to think he will be here again tomorrow. bed now 10..45 pm, so Good Night.

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