Monday, 20 February 2012

Friday 20th February


Up about 7 and cleaned up. Went to breakfast and had fried egg on fried bread and coffee and porridge. Went on with the models and made some more of the fire station *** and garage. Went on pay parade, drew £2.00, then back to work till dinner. Had dinner, stew, beans, potatoes and pudding and custard. Bought a bottle of ginger beer, then rang Doris up, said I was coming over. Had letter from Mother, she had a cold. Henry had been down, Bobby was back to school. Dad had a cold and was going fishing. Also Frank Theobald had gone to Dorset. Got ready to go out and cycled over to Rodwell. Met Doris and Lyn, they were pleased to see me. Lyn gave me a straw, I gave her a ride on the bike. Had tea then put Lyn to bed. Mended her car. Read her three little pigs, then sat in front of the fire. Read the Countryman. Mrs Smeaton had my *** to measure by. Had supper and then biked home to camp. Made fires up, had a smoke then in bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Still perishing cold. Finished by 1.45 today (Mr S out to market) so knitted hard and almost finished Lyn's skirt. Got Lyn up at 3.40, dressed myself etc. Got tea then took Lyn to meet Bill. he rang up dinner time and all was ok. Put Lyn to bed and Bill read 3 pigs while I darned his clean socks. Bill read this evening and read bits to me too, and I knitted, finished the skirt and half one front of the jumper. Up to the top gate, tonight just like a 'just engaged' night - happy. Bed now 10.55. G. Night.

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