Sunday, 19 February 2012

Thursday 19th February


Got up about 6.30, washed and dressed, had breakfast. It was fish, so I had my porridge and then toasted some bread. Started on some more models. Painted a church and hostel. Had dinner, meat, swede, potatoes, rice pudding. After that I bought a bar of chocolate. Rang up Doris. She was OK, also Lyn, and arranged to meet them. I carried, on with some more work, drew a rifle lock on the blackboard for Flt Sg Prickard. Drew lines of telephone communications for George Doughty. Got dressed and biked over to Rodwell. I met Doris and Lyn. Lyn was thrilled to see some boys *** ice on the pond. We walked back and had tea. After that we put Lyn to bed. I read three stories to her, then went down in front of fire. Made myself very comfortable, then I held the wool for Doris. She read me her Mother's letter. They were pleased with Lyn's drawings.


Rodwell. Up usual time and usual jobs until 11, and then ironed the rest of the morning and some of my own too. After dinner, finished my ironing and then knitted until 3.45 pm. Got Lyn up then got tea, and Lyn and I went to the duck's pond to meet Bill. He rang up dinner time and all was OK. he brought some models, church, monument, tank and a barn. Put Lyn to bed and read her Black Sambo and 3 Bears. Bill read and I wrote about Lyn's N.S.P.'s and to Mother, and then I knitted. Supper early 9.10, up to the top with Bill and now to bed a little earlier than usual - 10.10 pm. G. Night.

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