Thursday, 2 February 2012

Monday 2nd February


Got up 7.50 and went over to get my Irons and mug. Could not find key. Hunted in guard *** so had to borrow mug. Luckily I had knife and fork in my pocket. Had porridge and bacon with sausage. Too late to have a wash, so took blankets back and  went on to post at 9.00. Cleaned guns which were wet, so took a long time. Came off 11.00 so washed, shaved and polished up, then to dinner. Minced meat, *** and potatoes, rice with currants in. Back to guard hut so read by fire and then dismissed guard. Packed up. Back drew ***. and hopped on cycle. Met Kidlet top of drive with Kala. Sat by fire then got Lyn up. Went up to village. Doris gave me ounce of *** tobacco, also ** and two twenty Players. Then back, Lyn walked most of the way. Got back, had tea, put Lyn to bed and read Moon Raking. Wrote up some of this diary, listened to play on radio. Lovely fire going, nice and warm, cold and windy outside. Guns going somewhere. Had supper, beans on toast, then cycled home to camp. Got in 11.20. Put things away and as I thought Kelly was sitting in front of fire the lads were back from leave. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time, all usual jobs. Vac. went wrong but Mrs S. mended it. Cl;eared up after a late dinner and went to meet Bill at top gate 2.45. He had a narrow shave about being posted abroad yesterday. I do hope he never has to go. Went up to the shop for usuals, got back and had late tea on our own. Put Lyn to bed and Bill read Chicken Licken and 3 Bears to her. Sat round the fire together. Bill read and I read and knitted. Happy. My 2 pairs of shoes came from D. Neals. Very nice indeed. Went to top gate with Bill and so to bed 10.53. G. Night.

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