Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Saturday 7th February


Up at 6.30, cleaned up and had breakfast, salt rancid bacon and coffee. Started on models. Went down to Flt Lt Ball, they were ok, and have to make guns, masts, chimney stacks. Had to measure for frame. Carried on with work till 12.15 then went to dinner. Had meat, greens, potatoes, sultana pudding with custard. Went and did some more work then got dressed and made bed ready for tonight. Cycle over to Rodwell. It was a bitterly cold east wind, snowing slightly. Doris was then going back, she had been up the road to meet me. She was pleased to see me. I went in and we got Lyn up. She was well. I dressed her while Doris got tea tray ready. We were going up to the village, Doris had left her pay  book up there. We were in a hurry as Mrs Smeaton was showing films on the screen. Doris found her book. It was at the post office. We had some toffees and a bar of Kit Kat. Kidlet gave me an ounce of Airmens tobacco and 40 Players. Had tea, honey, jam, scones, buns and ginger bread. After tea, helped to wash up, then saw films. Thoroughly enjoyed them. Put Lyn to bed, read her one story as it was so cold. Went down and  sat by fire. Had a good warm, then had supper. Gave Lyn her 16/-. Doris bought certificate. Pickled onions and cheese for supper. It was very cold. I biked home.Not too bad. Got back to camp twenty past eleven. Sat by fire and a smoke and a warm, then got in to bed. it was cold, but soon got warm. Good night.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Lyn quite all right today. Cleared up after dinner and went an met Bill 3.00 pm. Got Lyn up and went to the shop. Bill bought Lyn a certificate with his L.A.C. pay. Had tea, Sylvia and Jasnet Heal to tea. Mrs S showed us some of her films afterwards til 7.15. Put Lyn to bed with short story, round the fire by 8.00 pm. Knitted. Up to the top with Bill. I've got the hot water bottle tonight as I forgot to give it to Lyn - treat! I got Lyn another N.S.C. with money she had. 10.50 pm now so Good Night.

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