Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Saturday 21st February


Up at 10 past 7 then cleaned up and went to breakfast. had All Bran and rissoles, tea. Came back and wrote up this diary. They are just calling outside, must be nearly 9 am. At work on models, painting administration quarters and garage, fire station, power house, sergeants bunks. Went over to canteen and bought bottle of ginger beer and a bar of Lux soap for Doris. Went on with models and finished off painting. it was snowy outside and very cold going over to dinner. Had dinner, meat, boiled onions, potatoes, sago. had two helpings of sago. Came back and got ready to go out. Took some models to show Mr Ganton. I got there, Doris was just coming to meet me. I went indoors and helped to get the tea ready, then got Lyn up. Gave Doris her soap and toothbrush. She was pleased with them. Went up to the post office. It was bitterly cold. We cam back and had tea. I helped to wash up and read a story to Lyn. Listened to exploits of Mt Ganton. He showed us his scarf he was making on a frame. Sat by fire and read the Country Mart. Then had supper, sausage and onions. Yarned over fishing, then got ready to go.Lamp came off. Got in 11.20, sat by fire and read a story. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time, all more or less usual jobs. 11.30 Grannie and Baikie arrived for the weekend/ Grannie helped to wash up so finished by 2.20. Bill here by 2.45. We got the tea, got Lyn up and went up to the village. Started a P.O. account for Lyn with 10/- (7/- Bill, 3/- me). All had tea. Bill and Baikie yarned afterwards. Oh, put Lyn up directly after tea and I read to her and then Bill did. Bill read this evening and I knitted. We had the dining room to ourselves. Supper 9.00 pm, sausages and onions. Bill and Baikie yarned. Laid breakfast. Up to the top with Bill and now bed 10.45 pm so Good Night.

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