Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Saturday 14th February


Got up about 1/4 past seven, went to breakfast, had boiled cod. I refrained from any such breakfast. Made two pieces of toast and had  two cups of coffee, then went on with the painting of the models. Finished them off and made a leg for a tripod for Laye's gun, then went to dinner, had mutton stew and bread pudding and custard, then sat by fire and read paper. Got ready to go out, put things away, got my pass and scooted out of the gate. Had a warm and then went up to the village with Doris and Lyn. She bought me some plasters, tobacco and marzipan. We walked slowly back and then had tea. We put Lyn to bed and read her a story, then helped to wash up and sat by fire. Showed Doris my tank, she thought it was very good. Finished off book and had supper. It was very frosty and cold. Went to bed, glad I did not have to bike home. It was nice to get in bed after two cups of cocoa. We talked of various things then. Good night.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Mary Matthews came yesterday to stay till Monday. After dinner, did my ironing and Bill was here by 2.45. Sat in the dining room for a little while then got Lyn and went up to the shop. Got some marzipan. Put Lyn to bed, and stories Moocow and James! Sat around the fire, knitted and Bill read, very content for Bill is staying the night - great! Laid breakfast things, S's off to bed before ten so we're off too, 10.00 pm. Lyn will be surprised to wake up in the morning and find her Daddy here. She took him for a nice walk while I was in the shop today and I got her some sweets - 6 all for herself.

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