Friday, 24 February 2012

Tuesday 24th February


Up about 7.15 then breakfast, fried egg on fried bread, porridge and coffee, then back to work. Made vickers guns, *** and hay stacks. Had dinner, roast beef, carrots, potatoes and pudding with custard. It is still very cold and some of the lads have touch of flue. Carried on after dinner. Mended pipe. Shaped some wood for Bill Gale. Got ready to go out. Went over and had two cups of tea and a piece of Swiss roll, beans on toast. Biked over to Rodwell and met Doris and Lyn. Lyn was thrilled because all the ducks flew in to the water. We walked home. Lyn had a ride on the saddle. There were visitors for tea so we cleaned away and had ours on our own. It was very nice honey, jam scones, tea cakes, buns and coffee sandwich. Very nice. I helped to clear away. Put Lyn to bed and read to her. Sat by fire. Had supper. Promised to feed stock.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs and drawing room. Finished 2.30 then did a terrific packet of washing. Not finished till past four, got Lyn up then. Mrs Doble, Pe** D, Mrs Godwin and Barry came to tea. Lyn and I went to meet Bill then we had tea on our own so never saw the visitors at all. Put Lyn to bed, and Bill read her nursery rhymes out of her book. I knitted all the evening and Bill read and slept. Up to the top gate and now going to sew up half of Lyn's jumper and then bed now 10.40 - shan't be long. G. Night.

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