Friday, 3 February 2012

Tuesday 3rd February


Got up 6.50, washed and shaved.It was snowing and the paths were very slippery. Started the day without collars, very cold round the neck. Went on blue *** but could not get hat changed. Came back and went down hanger then joined class on Vickers gun for half hour. Duty Cpl told me I was excused guards because I was going to *** stoppage chart. Had dinner meat, greens and potato, currant pudding and custard. Got ready for bath parade over Yatesbury, then had bath. Came back, dismissed for tea. Had currant bread and *** jam. Bottom fell out of mug so had to borrow mug. Came back, cleaned up locker, took socks and pants for exchange, then went over to rec room.Played draughts with Kelly.Played three games, won two. Then attended lecture, dismantled feed block. Went through *** ***. Went to supper. It was stew. Got two slices of currant bread. Bought a bottle of Raspberry fizz and toasted my bread. Read paper and generally messed about. 1.00 rang Doris up, all OK. Am ringing her up half past eight. Played draughts with Kelly, beat him a few games, then made bed and got in early. Read paper and then went to sleep.


Rodwell. Up usual time and did all usual jobs. Mrs Slade here so finished by 2.15. Sent my shoes to I. Neals to be repaired. Knitted at my ankle sock. Mrs S out so got Philip up, bad tempered. Jess smashed some of Mrs S's dolls' services. Got Lyn up, she hadn't been to sleep, and she played with P. After tea, put Lyn to bed, read 3 Bears to her. Mr and Mrs S went to C. Bassett camp to 'George and Margaret'. Rather lonely as Bill C. in bed. Read and finished Random Harvest. Bill rang up dinner time and 9.00pm. Lovely to hear his voice tonight as it it's lonely. Had a piece of toast and now in bed - 9.45 pm so Good Night.

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