Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sunday 1st February


Got up early in the morning and made fire up, then put over coat on bed and snuggled down. Woke up and got up ten past eight. Washed, shaved and went to breakfast. Porridge was good bu the bacon was rancid so could not eat it. Made a piece of toast and out on parade 9.15 for snow clearing. It was raining like the devil so had capes and gum boots on. Finished early and came in. Read paper and cleaned rifle and kit. Went to dinner, had stewed meat, beans and sago and dried apples. Phoned up Kidlet. She was well, also Lyn. Wanted ten more men for overseas, so many LAC, AC1, AC2, not very healthy. Came back and had a smoke. Got ready to go on guard parade on 7 post. It is raining. I won the toss so went on first. Sat inside, read paper. Relieved 3 o'clock. Came up to guard hut. Made up fire and got my book to read. Flt Sg *** said not *** too tonight. Had tea, meat, cake. Went down to post, took a pail and got water out of pumps. Took guns in.Came back to hut. Look bit * *** drawings of grenades and had the gen about them. Filled pail up and I am going to supper. Had tinned herring in tomato sauce then back to hut. Made up bed. Watched the lads playing Brag and read a bit out of the papers. Then took off collar and coats and popped in bed. Goodnight.


Up 8.45 am and got Lyn up at the same time. Washed up, made beds and did potatoes. They all went to church. Wrote to Mother, darned my tennis socks, gave Lyn her dinner and put her to bed. Bill rang up, quite ok on No. 7 post. Good, he will get a night in bed. Went to bed this afternoon and read 'Random Harvest' but fell asleep until 3.45. Got Lyn and read to her till tea time. Read her 2 full length stories in bed. 'Chicken Licken' and 'Three Bears'. She enjoyed them. Mended Bill's socks, did a bit of Lyn's vest, then started tennis socks for me in Bill's A.7. wool. bath and then bed 9.45.

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