Saturday, 25 February 2012

Wednesday 25th February


Up at 7.22. made bed, shaved, took some hot water out to do so. Cleaned up, went to breakfast, had tomato and English bacon. It was lovely. I ate two slices of bread and butter, the first time in six months. Went back to hut to get ready for work. Made some houses with gable ends. Painted them with first coat. Went to dinner, had meat, swedes and potatoes, bread pudding with custard. Went back to work, got some bottles, shaped up some houses, started on armadillo. Packed up and went and had three cups of tea. Cycled over to Rodwell. Fed pigs ducks and calves. Collected the eggs and had tea. It was very nice. Put Lyn to bed. It was cold but before she went we went and had a look at the sheep. They were alright, but it was very cold. Mr and Mrs Smeaton and the children enjoyed the snow. I read to Lyn, then sat by fire reading while Doris knitted. I biked home and got in about 11.15.


Rodwell. Up usual time. They all went to Peter Pan at Oxford at 10.30 this morning. I had Philip all day. Lyn very queer all the morning and went to bed dinner time. Had a royal turn out and was better at once. Slept till 3.45 and Phil too. I ironed my own and Mrs S's from 1.30 to 4.45!!! Bill came 5.15 and fed calves, ducks etc. had tea on our own. Took Lyn and went to look at the sheep for Mfr S. Bill read to Lyn in bed while Mr S and I washed up. Round the fire. Bill read, I wrote to Mother and then knitted Lyn's other sleeve. Scrambled eggs on toast. Up to the top and now bed 10.43 pm.

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