Sunday, 12 February 2012

Thursday 12th February


Up at 7.15, had bacon and sausage for breakfast and porridge, then got ready for work. I did some more models and painted some of them, also fixed a few up. Had a cup of tea for lunch and then on again. I went to dinner, meat, swedes and potatoes, rice pudding. Had a phone to Kidlet, they were all well. Lyn as full of beans. I carried on again. Got some *** to thin down my paint and got on very well. Had tea and cake and roll. Did some more work after tea till too dark, then played a game of darts with Kelly. I won two, he also won two. I made up my bed. I felt very tired. Went to supper, it was tinned herring.I had some cocoa but nothing to eat. It was very dark and cold out. I played a few more games of darts then rang up Doris, she was well, also Lyn was tip top full of beans. I feel very pleased that she is so well. I went back and got into bed early and read a story. Stayed awake till about half past ten then dropped off to sleep.


Rodwell.  Up usual time and most of usual jobs. Mr and Mrs S went to Swindon so I had Philip. Mrs Slade here so finished by 1.30!!! Mrs S went to the village this afternoon so I had to get Philip up again and look after him. Knitted all the afternoon. No walk  today. Lyn very well so terribly mischevious. Knitted this evening and  wrote to D Neals about Lyn's sandals as sample sent today was too small. Heard from Mum today - ok. Bill rang up dinner time and this evening - busy painting his models today. Supper and now bed 10.10 and very ready for it. G. Night.

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