Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wednesday 11th February


Got up 7 am, dressed and had breakfast. Had bacon and porridge, then came back and started work on models.Cut thumb so had it done up as it bled quite a lot, then carried on till dinner. Went to dinner, had meat, turnips and potatoes and currant pudding with custard, then back to hut after buying a bar of Kit Kat and a pad for Doris. Started work and then in the afternoon did a drawing on blackboard of a grenade and discharger cup for Fl  Sg Prickard to lecture to the goons. Watched demonstration on asault course then got ready to go out. Cycled over to Rodwell. Doris was going back along the road, given me up. Lyn was walking along the grass, she was ever so sweet. Doris told me Bill got kicked in the face by a cow. Had tea and then put Lyn to bed, read her two stories. She was very *** and gave me some of her crisps. She had been saving them for me, the dear little mite. She also asked how my finger was. I had Mr Smeaton's book and read some more horror stories. They were ***, I enjoyed them very much. Had supper and biked home. Got in about half past eleven and Kilgour was there. I had some cocoa and chatted to Kelly, then to bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Mrs Slade here so finished by 2. Bill CV. came in about two pouring with blood, been kicked on the nose by a cow but was all right. Knitted all the afternoon, got tea ready then took Lyn to meet Bill so got a nice walk in. Put Lyn to bed after tea and Bill read the 'usuals' - Lyn found them herself. I wrote to Mother, then knitted all the evening. Bill read horror stories. Supper, went up to the top with Bill, lovely night. Tired now and so to bed, 11.10pm - Good Night.

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