Friday, 10 February 2012

Tuesday 10th February


Up at 7 and then cleaned up.Went to breakfast, bacon, porridge. Started work, made some more tanks, fitted up a wireless mast. Had a warm during break time, then carried on again till dinner. Had some dinner and it was roast meat and swede, potatoes, and currant pudding with custard. Bought a packet of lemsips for Doris, then back. Came back to hut, read book and then went on with the job. Made a lorry and monument and did several other little things and packed up about ten past four. Went over to see  what they had for tea, then had *** and cream and jam sandwich. I *** mine. Got ready to go out and put cape on bike. It had been fine practically all day but one never knows. I got to Rodwell. Doris met me, was better and she looked better too. I had tea and washed up, put Lyn to bed and read her a story, 3 Bears and Chicken Licken. Went down and sat by fire and read Mr Smeaton's Book of Horrors, then we had supper and I got ready to go out and asked Mr and Mrs Smeaton if I could stop on Saturday. They kindly let me. I got back about half past eleven. Heard news about the ** paying married mans allowances by *** half.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Mrs Slade here so finished by two. Knitted and snoozed until 3..15, then had a bath, got Lyn up. Bill arrived just as we were going to have tea. Put Lyn to bed afterwards, and Bill read her Chicken Licken and 3 Bears. Darned Bill's socks then knitted hard at my sock the whole evening and have got to the shaping. Bill is going to try for a sleeping out pass this weekend. Pouring with rain when I went up to the top with him. How I wish he hadn't got that awful ride - one night less though. bed now and I feel sicky tired - 11.11 pm.

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