Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sunday 15th February


Got up 8.30, it was nice to be in bed. I got up and dressed, washed, and then went down to breakfast. It smelt good from the landing. I sat down to porridge and egg and bacon, very nice too. After then, we washed up and I helped Kidlet to make the beds, then took some ideas from Jill's doll house. After then, I helped to peel the potatoes, then had a read. Waited till Mrs Smeaton and children came back from Church and then all of us went for a walk round the farm. It was frosty but lovely and sunny. The sun was warm. Jess came down with us, she put up a rabbit, a pity I had no gun. We walked back and got in about one. Had dinner, a very nice piece of roast beef, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and a large boiled onion. Blancmange and prunes and tarts. After dinner I helped with the washing up then put Lyn to bed and had a read and a rest, then laid the tea and had it early. Put Lyn to bed and read her three stories.After that I sat in the chair by a nice log fire and read a book. After that, supper, and listened to Mr Churchill's speech and Singapore loss. Got ready to go back, grateful for a nice time. Got back about 10 to 11 and Butch had made my bed. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Lovely lie in together till 9.0 am - all got up together. Did usual Sunday jobs together then Bill read and I knitted and wrote to Mother while they were at Church, then us three went for a walk over the fields before dinner. Put Lyn to bed, washed up, then we went too, read for a little while then lay and slept till 4.45. Got tea, washed up, put Lyn to up, Bill read 3 pigs and Lazy Jack. Sitting round the fire knitting and reading. I do wish Bill hadn't got to go back tonight. I'm needy, I want him all the time!! Churchill spoke 9.00 pm. Depressing. Singapore has fallen. Feel miserable now Bill has gone. Bed now 10.05 pm.

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