Sunday, 5 February 2012

Thursday 5th February


Got up about 6.45, washed and shaved. It was snowing slightly and had been all night. Very cold wind from the north. Had breakfast, egg on toast. On parade, then bayonette drill and disarming. 10.30 break, went over to office to see P/O Mostermon. he wasn't there so went back after break. Saw Flt Lt Ball and Sq Ld Fish. They wanted me to make models for a sand tray of the drome. P/O Mostermon went with me to get some wood. Found some and then borrowed tools from George Daughty, two chisels and a plane. Borrowed a saw over the armoury then started work. Had dinner, meat, greens and currant pudding with custard. Made a hanger in the afternoon. Rang up Doris. Lyn had been in bed with a bad head. Poor Lyn. Got dressed ready to go out. Had a cup of tea first, then cycled over to Hillmarton. It was freezing. Saw Doris and Lyn, she was up to tea. She hadn't much colour but feeling better. I had tea then put Lyn to bed and  read Three Bears and Chicken Licken. Went down and helped to wash up. Sat by fire and drew ducks on Lyn's blanket. Had supper, spam sandwiches. Cycled back to camp. It was freezing and dark. Got back 11.20. Changed clothes on ***. Got in bed. Good night. Doris bought me Beetox.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Lyn said her head hurt and asked to go to bed at 11. She slept till 2, no dinner. Got up and cuddled her in the dining room the whole afternoon. She slept and so did I. Bill rang up dinner time. He's making a scale model of B.F.S. He came at 5.30. Nice to have him. Lyn ate a little tea, went to bed directly after. Bill read 2 stories and me while he changed. Gave her 1/2 aspirin. Wrote to Mum and Mrs Thrower. Bill drew ducks on Lyn's blankets and I started embroidering them. Up to the top gate with him, bed now 10.45. G. Night.

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