Monday, 6 February 2012

Friday 6th February


Up 6.45, washed, dressed, made bed, cleaned buttons, rifle. Went to breakfast, had good home cured bacon and fried bread, coffee. I made a piece of toast and put Beetox on. I twas very nice. I put my tools and wood in drying room and started work. Half past ten, pay parade. Drew £2.10.0. 16/- shillings back pay. It will be Lyn's. Came back and wrote up some of this diary. Carried on with job. Went down to sketch Rapier Hanger. Went over to office and consulted P/O Mostermon and ** Ball. Made models smaller, then took them down again for alterations. Had dinner. Corned beef, greens and potatoes, sultana pudding with custard. Carried on with work and finished off some more models. Went to tea and had meat minced with vegetables, and cake. Toasted a pieces and had some Beetox on it. Played Kelly with draughts, won odd games, then went to supper. Had a pie and got some ginger beer. Sat round fire. Watched the lads playing poker. Saw kitty go 40/- - 27/- and *** *** *** ones. The rang up Doris. Lyn was all right but not too good tempered, and she had written to my Mother. Came back and scrubbed gum boots and watched card players. Toasted some more bread and got ready for bed and then put things away. Good night.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Lyn all right but very cross and grizzly. Mr S at market so Lyn, Mrs S, Phil and me had dinner. Bill rang up dinner time. he'd been busy on his model. Got cleared by 2.00 and did a large packet of washing for us three. Got Lyn up and took her for a walk just round the garden etc. Wrote to Mrs Lucock this evening and knitted. Onions and white sauce for supper. Bill rang up 8.45. All right and just going to bed. Another day nearer us going home for good together. I HATE other people's houses. Bed now 10.45 pm.

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