Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Saturday 31st January


Up 6.50, washed, shaved and cleaned kit. had breakfast, porridge and minced meat and veg. On parade 9 am. Inspection and dismissed to take off over coats for going on lectures on *** action Vickers stoppage. had break and then on Smith gun 3 inch. After then, gun drill. Packed up for dinner, read paper and went to dinner. Had meat, parsnips, potatoes, bread pudding and custard. Gad a drink of ginger beer, then rang up Kidlet. Lyn was OK. She was also OK. Also that she had heard from Mother Shingle Street. Came back to hut and watched game with flat iron, then got boats ready for repair. Sat by fire talking to Kelly on Physics, bees and insects, then had a doze on the bed till tea time, after which I had tea. Corned beef, jam and Bert gave me some of his chutney which made it palatable. After tea, had a read on bed and then walked over to lecture. We were not obliged to stay, so I played a game of draughts with Taffy ***. I won the odd. Went to supper, had a Cornish pastie, knocked my cup off table and smashed it. Came back to hut and wrote up this diary. Gone eight o'clock, must ring up Kidlet. Rang up Kidlet. She was well, also Lyn. I promised to ring up tomorrow. Came back and sat by fire. Read and  then made up bed and got ready. Took books down ready for a read, then packed up. Turner gave me a cup of tea. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. My own room chiefly. Heard from Mrs Lucock. All right. Lyn quite all right today. Played with Jill and Bridget all the morning at schools. Bill rang up dinner time, quite OK. Did some washing this afternoon. Got the tea, then got Lyn up and took her and Kala up front drive and down the other. Did my ironing after tea, put Lyn to bed. Carried on with Lyn's vest this evening. Mrs S got supper - nice. Bill rang up this evening, he's all right. It is lovely to hear his voice. laid the breakfast and so to bed. 10.00 pm.

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