Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Saturday 10th January


Saturday and glad of it. Woke up 7 am, dressed, shaved and went to guard post. Had boiled cod and corn flakes then back to hut. Did some lettering. Glad I wasn't on parade. Very cold and frosty. Windle and Kelly back from Oxford. They were sorry to come back here. Worked up till twelve then went to dinner. Kelly asked me to get him two packets of crisps but they had none. Had minced meat, turnips and potatoes and the usual baked pudding and custard. Had a glass of ginger beer then I rang Kidlet up. She was better but Lyn was grizzling. Still she was pleased to hear me. I wish I could go out with her and told her I would ring up again at 8 o'clock tonight. I went back to hut and told Kelly I could not get his crisps, then collected a letter from my Mother and Dad. They both had colds and flu but feeling better. Also said Henry enjoyed his parcel and would they like to ** our house for us. Dad had been out shooting. Did some drawing then played pontoon. Had tea Brawn, beetroot and syrup. Went back for another game winning 125. Phoned up Doris, Lyn much better but she had catarrh. Resumed game and finished up about 3-6 in. Went  to bed. Very cold and frosty and very cold in bed. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time and did usual jobs. 11.45 am Mr and Mrs and the two boys went to Devizes for pictures. I got the dinner for the girls children and Bill - fish pie - very nice! Got Phil and Lyn up (P. was dirty!) and played with Lyn with letters and plasticine till tea time. Round the fire alone this evening just messing about, bit miserable. Bill rang up dinner time at about 7.30 pm too. He's quite all right. Knitted and listened to the wireless. Laid breakfast things. Bed 10.35.

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