Sunday, 29 January 2012

Thursday 29th January


Up at 6.30, dressed, washed and shaved by 7, then cleaned buttons, rifle. Went to breakfast, had scrambled egg on toast, porridge. Came back and made toast and post butter ration on it. On parade, had rifle inspection, then marched down to Yatesbury village. Flt Lt Ling and P.O. Mostermon leading. When down there, fell out for a smoke, marched back again and dismissed for break 10.30. 11 am Vickers lecture on *** action of a stoppage. 12.30 dismissed till dinner. Put rounds in packers, then to dinner, roast mutton, greens and potatoes, currant pudding and custard. Got ready for guard. Main guard parade, marched down without fixing bayonettes. Raining slightly and very cold.Tossed for shifts, went on second shift, one man at a time. Bert Wiundle and I *** our props on, then I went up to Defense office to sign remustering form to say I would accept the examiner's decision to take what rank I passed out. I had to take one prop off battle dress as I had put it on cock eyed. Got that done and very weary of it, went on at 5 after Bert Windle. It was very cold but not too bad. Had tea 4 o'clock, currant bread, meat patties, hot  but tea got cold bringing it down. Went up for supper, got sausages, potatoes and bread. Got a packet of *** not very **. Had supper then a warm by fire and continued sewing on prop. Finished it and then up to fetch blanket. Saw *** boats. Someone had put black sticky stuff on them. Came back and made bed and got down for an hour. Went on guard ten o'clock. Lovely moonlight night but frosty. Lit *** and put *** mug on stove full of cocoa. It burnt the bottom of it so very disappointed over it as I had an *** in four *** to get it on till 5 past twelve.


Rodwell. Up usual time and did all usual jobs. Mrs Slade was here and washed up so I got finished very nice and early. Pressed Anne's knickers and packed up and sent off the frock and knickers. Then wrote 4 other letters this evening. Lyn had a hectic game with Jill and Bridget after tea round and round the table. Washed my hair, mended my gloves, and listened in and joined in ** in **! Parted my hair in the middle. During supper Lady M came in to say Lyn was crying - got tummy ache badly so to bed in a hurry at 10.15.

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