Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sunday 18th January


1.45 am time to go on for another two hours. Did not relish getting out of the blanket and nice frosty roof. 2 am on duty. I stood outside,  Yates in, he had a short nap. Very dull outside. it started to sleet, so I covered guns up, slipped down steps and bruised my shins, very painful. It snowed and rained hard at the end of the shift. Glad to be relieved after doing twenty minutes extra. Made bed, was going to have a drink but stone cold so got in bed. Bill stone cold *** *** stomach. *** Joe Watts went on instead. Went to sleep about 3.35. Woke up 7.20 am feeling nice and warm. Got up and went to breakfast. Waited till 20 past eight, read while doing so. Had sausage, meat and very *** bacon, porridge, very sweet tea. On duty 5 to nine, cleaned guns but did  not pull them through. Finished ten am, went and had wash and shave. 12.30 dinner, stew and figs, custard. 1.45 dismissed. Bought bar of soap for Doris. Got ready and cycled to Rodwell. Doris met me with Kala. Got Lyn up. She was full of beans. Helped Mr Smeaton to drive sheep out of garden. Had tea. palyed with Lyn, put her to bed.


Rodwell. Up 8.45 and got Lyn up at the same time. Washed up, made beds, did potatoes, then played with Lyn and wrote to Mother. gave Lyn her dinner and put her to bed. Went and met Bill with Kala. We stayed in all the afternoon. Got Lyn up and played with her till tea time. She ate a tremendous tea,. Put her to bed, stayed up there a little while; finished letter to Mother and to Jean, and Bill drew pictures for Lyn's letters. Sat and just enjoyed ourselves doing nothing - but together. Supper. Walked to top with Bill. bed now 10.45pm. Lovely day.

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