Monday, 16 January 2012

Friday 16th January


Got up at seven, washed, shaved and cleaned up kit. Made bed. very cold outside and a touch of east in the wind. 8 o'clock going to breakfast. Slept very well last night. Did some more poster work. 10 am had cup of tea. Bert Windle goes on leave. Ken *** and Jock Dorling posted abroad. 12.30 pm went to dinner. Had beef potatoes and swedes, tapioca and prunes. meat very tough, could not eat it. Rang Kidlet up, she still had *** otherwise not too bad. Lyn all right. came back and gargled for sore throat. Had a  good warm by the fire. Continued on posters. Had cup of coffee, very nice. 4 o'clock tea, tinned meat, beetroot jam. Had a nap. 5.45 Vickers lecture. 7 pm supper, curry, cocoa. Rang up Kidlet. She was much better. Lyn quite well. She had 6 slices of bread and butter and two biscuits. Went into hut five gave Taxi and Jeff some onions. Borrowed hand grenade to draw. Made bed. Read a book till 9.50. Got in to bed. Read a little while then goodnight. Weather a bitter east wind.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Thoroughly messy day. Mr and Mrs S departed with Tim at 2.45 for Dauntsey. Pat isn't going till tomorrow or Monday to ***. Did my washing this afternoon, got Philip up, then Lyn and played cards with Lyn till tea time. Gave all the children tea,. Mr and Mrs S back during tea. Wrote to Mrs Lucock this evening. Bill rang up this dinner time and this evening. He is quite all right. Lyn seems very fit today and appetite like a horse. Didn't have any supper tonight. bed now 10.35 pm so Good Night.

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