Saturday, 21 January 2012

Wednesday 21st January


12.30 got up and went on for 1 1/2 hours. Not too cold but very sharp under foot. 2 am went to bed after a drink of cocoa. Woke up when fire fell *** very smokey. 5.45 got up and rolled up bed. Made a piece of toast then went on for 2 hours. It was much colder and cannot get warm. 8.10 came off and packed beds up, cleaned up around room with Butch and had a warm. Waited for breakfast. Had breakfast, porridge, faggot and not very sweet tea. Went up for a wash and shave. Washed feet and put on clean socks. Cole wind, came to guard hut. had dinner and 12..45 went  on for half an hour then off, matched back and dismissed. Changed from battle dress, put in a pass for weekend, got cycle out and biked over to Hillmarton. Main road a bit rough and wind very cold. Kidlet met me and we walked back together with Kala. Got Lyn up, then pasted pictures in Lyn's book by the fire. had tea, bread and butter, scones, jam potted meat. Cleared away and washed up. Put Lyn to bed and read her two stories out of her book. Then sat down by the fire, looked at the paper and Farmer and Stockbreeder. Had a nice warm. Kidlet sat down with me and we talked of home days. Had supper, cheese and picked onions and two cups of cocoa made with milk. Kidlet walked up to main road with me then bulb blew so had to borrow Kidlet's lamp. Got in to guardroom 11.50. bed about 12.20.


Rodwell. Up usual time, some usual jobs, then did vegetables and messed about. Girls went to school today. Went to meet Bill while Lyn was asleep. he came about 3.30. Perishing cold. Bill is wonderful to cycle all this way as he does. Played with Lyn before tea. Put her to bed and read her a story - Bill did. We talked etc all the evening and did nothing. Supper and across the field with Bill - dear, dear old boy. Bed now 10..53 pm. G. Night.

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