Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Saturday 24th January


Woke up quarter to three by Styles then had a walk round and a warm by fire. Ate a piece of cake. Half past three woke up Taffy *** to go on. I got down in his makeshift bed on a form, a bit hard on the hip bone. 7 am went on again till halfpast eight then to breakfast. Had porridge, mashed up meat and vegetable, not too keen, then washed and shaved, read paper, cleaned up rifle and kit, also went to dinner. Had corned beef, Brussel sprouts, potatoes and stewed apple and custard. 1.30 went on last shift and waited for new relief. Saw Bert Widle and Kelly ***. 1 past, marched back to camp and dismissed. Changed batle dress, got cycle ready and packed up things prior to going out. Then went over to office to get pass. Then it came on to rain hard so I put cape *** and cycled over to Hillmarton. Then met Doris out. She was looking a bit wet. We walked home, I changed my trousers and put gum boots on and went to village. Doris bought me some shaving soap, tobacco. It rained very hard. Doris also gave me two *** and a set of bulbs. Also a ***. had tea. After tea looked at snaps of our old days. Put Lyn to bed. She was better. Had supper and bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time, gave my bedroom a real spring clean. Got ready and got out by 2.30 to meet Bill. It was pouring with rain. Bill had had to go on guard the night before unexpectedly so was late and came at 3.45 pm. Got Lyn up and laid tea and went up the shop - rained the whole time. Had our tea late on our own. Sat and talked and looked through old photos. Lovely feeling to know Bill has not to go back tonight. Supper, cheese pudding, and laid the breakfast and go to bed TOGETHER, how lovely it is. 10.30 Good Night.

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