Friday, 6 January 2012

Tuesday 6th January


12 midnight came off guard feeling frozen.Still freezing not too good cold in head, feet and hands frozen. made up bed and tried to sleep. Woke up two hours later then sleep till four. On guard again. Sharp frosts and planes going over. Came off six, got in to bed, had short sleep till half past seven. Went to breakfast and had porridge ** and unsweetened tea, very nice sausage meat and bacon. 9.10 on till ten 30, then YMCA lady brought me cake and cream bun. 12.30 dinner baked potatoes, sweet pudding. 2-5 pm dismissed. Cycle to Rodwell. Doris and Lyn with very bad colds not at all well. I had little tea, pains in tummy. Sat around fire during evening. Has supper, read story to Lyn. She was much better. Left early, bed at 11.30.


Rodwell. Up usual time. Lyn and I very bad colds. All the family except Mr went to Newbury for the day. Bill came about 3.45. Wasn't at all well, cold and tummy ache. This evening Mr S at H.G. Mrs with L. Matheson so Bill and I had supper together round the fire. Bill went at ten and I didn't go with him, only to the door. Not sorry to get to bed, nose streaming - 10.25pm. Lyn was definitely better this afternoon - must be Bill's influence. G.N.

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