Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sunday 11th January


I woke up at 8.30. Very cold. Put coat in bed and got up and dressed. 8.50 went to breakfast. Had hard boiled egg and porridge. Went back to hut, made bed, rolled a cigarette and generally cleared up. Played pontoon and lost the remainder of my Sat night's winning. Played till quarter past twelve and finished level on three games. Went to dinner. Stew and xmas pudding. Very nice. Came back and cleared up ready to go out thank goodness. I am not on guard. I shall be glad to to see Kidlet. I hope she is better. 2 pm cycled over to Hillmarten and found Lyn not too well with pains in her tummy. Doris very pleased to see me. She was nursing Lyn in the chair. Lyn had spasms all the afternoon. I played a few games of droughts with the children. Had a conference with Mrs Smeaton about Lyn. She was quieter ** Mrs Henrys mixture. Decided to take her to Doctors. Mr Smeaton drove us to Calne. We were much relieved when it was found nothing serious. Either colic or acidosis. She was much better but wanted to have company. She allowed Doris to come home for tea so it was ok. We washed up and *** off up stairs now and again. Sat in front of the fire reading. Very cosy. Took turns in going up starirs to Lyn. She was getting off to sleep. Had supper, soup and sandwiches. Prepared to go back. Mr Smeaton gave me some onions and Mrs *** cheese. Said good night to Doris. Very thick frost and cold. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up 8.45 am. Washed up and did potatoes then wrote to Mother but Lyn was very fretty, but ate her dinner and went to bed. Woke up crying about 2.30 and I couldn't soothe her at all. Bill came 3.00 pm, I was so glad to see him. We sat up with Lyn all the afternoon, she was really in pain. 5.15 we rolled her in rugs and Mr S drove Bill and me to Dr. James - acidosis. She settled fairly well when we got back and delpt fitfully. We sat around the fire. I only went to the gate with Bill, not up the field. bed 10.15 pm. G. Night.

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