Sunday, 8 January 2012

Thursday 8th January


7 am rise. 8 am breakfast corn flakes, faggots. 9 am drawing out poster. 10 am cup of tea. Took poster down for approval. Alterations made and started fresh one. 12.00 had dinner, corn beef potatoes cabbage and sago stewed apple unsweetened. 1 pm tried to rung up Doris but too many there. 1.15 ready for gunpost. 1.30 parade. 2 o'clock reading in guard hut. 3.10 fetched magazine to read. 4.30 tea currant bread. 6 o'clock gun post very cold north wind. 8 o'clock supper stew, cocoa then back to hut. Mde two rounds of toast, took blankets and made bed. 9.45 pm got in to bed for two hours sleep. 11.45 awaked for duties not very nice to get up that time. Wished I was home in bed with Kidlet.


Rodwell. Up usual time, usual jobs this morning. Mrs S went to the doctor's to have her ears blown out. 9 am Lyn ate her dinner today!! Took two aspirins and went to bed this afternoon and slept. Bill didn't ring up at dinner time, worried. Made some cardboard letters for Lyn this evening, knitted a little, but chiefly thought in the fading light. Bill didn't ring up at all. I do so hope he is quite all right. I can't help worrying.Didn't wait for supper. Laid it, came up and had a nice hot bath, and now bed 9.32. G. Night.

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