Sunday, 22 January 2012

Thursday 22nd January


Got up at 7 am. Washed, shaved and cleaned up, then when others on parade cleaned up posters and took them over to office. Then took battle dress over to Yatesbury with pants for exchange. Changed dress and left pants for tomorrow. Wind cutting like a knife. Had cup of tea at ***  and biscuits. Got back to camp about 11.45. Changed into battle dress, went to dinner, had meat, potatoes, swedes and currant pudding with custard. Bought a bar of chocolate then rang Kidlet up. Lyn was ok, also herself. I promised to ring up at eight tonight. back to hut. Had a warm by fire till parade time, then to lecture on the rules of ***. Very cold and bored. 4.15 dismissed and went to tea. had sausage and two pieces of current bread and brought two pieces back to hut and toasted them. They were nice. Sat around fire talking about rain and various topics then blocked up crack in floor. Made bed and getting up from this diary to find something else to do. Went in hut 5 to see ** Prichard. He wanted me to draw a lock. Then to lectures at 6 pm. had supper, a pie and toasted some ***. Played cards then rang Kidlet up. Lyn had a swelling on her jaw. I hope she is all right. Played cards again. Won 1/- then made a piece of toast. I think I will get to bed. it is snowing hard again outside. I wish I was in bed with my dearest one. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs, full day. Did our washing all the afternoon. Wrote to Bill 8.30 a, today. Sorry for being ungrateful. Played with Lyn when I got her up till tea time. Only Mr S and Lyn and me for tea. ironed some of my things after tea, and then dozed all the evening. Bill rang up dinner time and tonight. he is quite OK. I feel very guilty tonight and I feel dreadfully tired and miserable. it's been snowing steadily all the evening. Bed now 10.30 so Good Night. No post today.

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