Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sunday 4th January


Out of bed 6.30. Breakfast porridge and two rashers. Had a sleep on the bed. Read paper. Had dinner, beef greens potatoes, dried fruit and custard unsweetened. After dinner drew a sketch of A.C. Witts. Rang Doris up. She was alright but Lyn wasn’t too well. I had another go at bomb racks. 4pm tea meat pie, jam substitute and margarine. 6.30 played pontoon till 9.30. Won two and fourpence. Rang Doris up. She had been waiting since eight. She was cross and none too pleased at being kept waiting. Got to bed. Read magazine. Good night.


Rodwell. Up at 8.45 as the breakfast was laid overnight. Did usual Sunday jobs and then wrote home and to O’Neals up in the bedroom, then knitted downstairs till dinner time. Ironed after dinner till 4. Got Lyn up and took her out in the pram. She didn’t want to walk, she isn’t very well and wanted cuddles etc when I put her to bed. Cut her hair. Read ‘Endless Furrows’ all evening. Bill didn’t ring up till quarter to ten, playing cards – how I hate it.  Bed now, tired – 10.35 pm. Good night.

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